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The Silver Bullet

When it comes to sex toys, few are as ubiquitous as the Bullet Vibrator. Most likely, whether you realize it or not, you have one. Do you own a Jack Rabbit? Guess what is in that pleasing little rabbit head. A number of novelty toy designs use the Bullet to deliver vibrations because they are sleek and compact. A well-designed Bullet can pack a lot of pleasure in a very small package.

Types of Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators come in all shapes and sizes. Some are firmly inserted into other toys. Others are specialized to become a completely different type of tool altogether – like the Love Egg. While Bullets come in all shapes and sizes, two things tend to govern the overall design of this toy: Utility and Novelty.


Whatever your mode of play, whatever types of games you enjoy playing, when all is said and done, you want your sex toy to do one thing for you: get you off. The Bullet is a master in this, and many designs focus on the utility aspect of the toy above all else.

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Of the utility designs, my favourite by far is the simple Screaming O. This small, slender Bullet is compact and waterproof, so you can use it in the bedroom, or in your bath or shower. Its size makes it ideal for combining with other non-vibrating toys as well. So, if you are enjoying a LELO prostate massager with your partner, you can add a little vibration into your play without having to get a whole new toy. My own Screaming O came with a textured, finger-shaped sleeve that I enjoy when I need a little “me time.” If I am feeling frisky, I slip it into my partner’s Succu Dry for intense orgasms.

Other utility designs include hand-held controllers to adjust the frequency of the Bullet’s vibrations. Doc Johnson 10X Dual Bullet is just one example. It allows you or a partner to stimulate you inside, and out. The controller allows you to adjust vibrations. This one is also waterproof, making it Kandice approved. I like a toy I can use multiple places, and nothing makes a bath more pleasurable than being able to ramp up my orgasm.

Novelty Factor

I love novelty in my sex toys. I know that they are not novelty items, and it is so important that we get people away from thinking of them that way. If sex toys are not “novelty items” then we can demand higher quality, safer items to enjoy. This is as important for men as it is women. That being said, there is something about having a lipstick vibrator or a sex can modelled after vampire teeth that is naughty and exciting.

Bullets offer up as many opportunities for novelty as they do for utility. If you do your homework on your toy, you can find something that will afford you a little of both.

The 10 Function Ring Remote Mini Slim Bullet is one of my favourites for combining novelty and utility. The Bullet design is simple, waterproof, and everything that a Bullet needs to be. The novelty comes from the controller. You can slip this ring onto your own finger, or your partner’s. When we are in the mood for a little role-play, his ring lets him be a super hero.

Fetish specializes in combining novelty and utility. Their Fantasy Vibrating Thong features a comfortable design and a discreet pocket that holds the Bullet at your clitoris. This is a fun toy that affords lots of opportunity to be sexy and kinky with your partner.

Suggestions for Play

When it comes to a Bullet, you are limited only by your imagination. I would be remiss, however, if I did not offer up a few ideas to help you along.


The compact, simple design of a Bullet vibrator makes it the perfect tool to augment your sex toy arsenal. If you have non-vibrating dildos for vaginal or anal pleasure, holding the Bullet at the base of the toy will add additional stimulation. For anal training, hold your Bullet in the pull-ring of anal beads, providing your partner greater sensations as you insert the beads into him or her. Of course, slim Bullets are perfect for Fleshlight toys to provide additional pleasures.

Do not forget the most basic of augmentations, however, when you search for ways to add the Bullet into your play. Whether using a dildo or a Love Egg, a vibrating Bullet will add additional stimulation and heighten your orgasm. Because of its compact design, it is perfect for holding between you and your partner during intercourse.

Kinky Play

You know that I cannot go through a discussion of vibrating Bullets without touching on the kinky possibilities. Remote controlled Bullets are perfect for discreet play, at home or while you are out. Fetish’s Vibrating Thong is, of course, the standout. It fits neatly under clothing, so that you can wear it with any outfit. Let your partner keep the controls for a quick tease as you get in and out of the car, in the restaurant, or at the movie theatre. Later, when you are home, the bedroom can be your reward, if you can make it there before you come.

What if you do not like thongs? Not all women like them, and that is perfectly normal. This does not negate your ability to enjoy remote controlled action as well. If you have the Remote Control Ring, creating panties to hold them is simple. Take a preferred pair of panties that you do not mind doing a little work to. Put them on and mark where your clitoris sits. Next, find a pair of panties, preferably the same material, that you do not mind cutting up. Cut out a swatch big enough so that you can sew a pocket into your panties for the Bullet. For all of this, I recommend cotton. I know that it is not as sexy as nylon or sateen; however, the material is easier to work with, especially if you are not an expert tailor. Make sure that you sew down your hemlines for the pocket so that you can wash your panties without worrying about fraying.

Once made, your panties will help you enjoy all the kinky time that you want with your partner and your Ring Remote Vibrator.

Care and Safety

As with all toys, care and safety is important.

  • To keep your Bullet clean, use a sex-toy safe cleanser and let it dry thoroughly before storing.
  • Every Bullet vibrator is made from a different material, so if you are using lubrication, make sure that you use lubricant that your toy specifies is safe for it.
  • Anal play with a Bullet should be done with care. Due to their size and how they are made, Bullets should not be inserted anally; however, they are great for stimulating the outer area of the anus. You can also use them to augment other anal toys. Remember, that what goes in or plays at the back door does not go in or play at the front. If you are going to touch a Bullet to your anus, keep it apart from other Bullet toys and only use it for anal play.

Now that you have this versatile little buzzing toy. Go and enjoy it to your body’s content.