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The Ravaging Rampant Rabbit

I will admit, when I first saw the large Rabbit vibrators, I was intimidated. I asked myself “could that really go inside me?” Maybe you are like I was, wondering about these delightful toys, nervous about taking that leap and making the investment. Maybe you are just curious about them because so many women applaud them. In either case, I am glad that you stopped by. I did decide to be brave and try out one of the Rampant Rabbits, and I am so very delighted that I did.

What is a Rampant Rabbit?

Rampant Rabbit is one of the terms for a specific type of vibrator. It has a shaft for inserting into the vagina, and a short appendage, sometimes shaped like a rabbit’s head with ears, positioned to stimulate the clitoris and labia. Yes, I mean stimulating both. So often, when we talk about toys we focus on stimulating the clitoris and going after the G-Spot. We forget what is around them, and how nice it is to explore.

The vibrating functions of a Rabbit vibrator depend on the model. Some include one vibrator meant to enhance the entire toy. Others include a vibrator in the shaft as well as a bullet in the rabbit-head appendage. Other models replace the vibrator shaft with beads that twist as a pump moves up and down inside the shaft, creating a thrusting sensation when inside. The latter is going to be the style of Rampant Rabbit that I focus on today, but first, I wanted to look at a few other things, for those exploring the variety of toys available in this delightful little line.

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One Size to Fit Them All … Not Anymore

One of the wonderful things about the Rampant Rabbit is how many varieties you have to choose from. The vibrating/thrusting Rabbits come with long and short shafts and vary in width so that you can find the right toy to accommodate you. Some are short and curved, designed to home in on the clitoris and G-Spot.

If you are not ready for the shaft, you can enjoy a variety of bullet Rabbits, designed for clitoral stimulation. These toys are great for women exploring sex toys for the first time and for those who want clitoral stimulation during intercourse. This variety of Rabbit ranges from one or two speed, finger toys to multi-speed attachable. You can even get bullet Rabbits with remote controls, so that a playful lover can tease you from across the room – or across the table.

If you are feeling adventurous, some Rampant Rabbits come equipped with anal attachments, some smooth, and some beaded, for added stimulation. Just like their vaginal-only counterparts, these dual shafted rabbits include a variety of speeds, clitoral stimulation, and differing lengths and widths to accommodate women experienced with anal play, and those who are training or just starting out.

Thrust Me, I’m Coming

Of the Rampant Rabbits, my favorite is, by far, the trusting shaft. This Rabbit combines the vibrating stimulation along the labia and clitoris with the thrusting sensation inside the vagina, exciting not only the G-Spot but also other wow areas inside and around the opening of the vagina. These clever toys come in a variety of widths, lengths, and textures, allowing you to choose one that you know you will enjoy, or several for experimentation. Depending on the brand and style, they feature different thrusting and vibrating speeds. You can enjoy smooth shapes, curves that aim for the G-Spot, or natural penis shaped shafts that feature various textures.

The Thrusting Rampant Rabbit is versatile enough to offer you a different experience every time you play. You can enjoy this toy alone, or with a partner, no matter your sexual preferences. Like any toy, you cannot truly understand the options until you pick one out and try it for yourself. However, I do want to share some ways to play with my favorite of the thrusters, the full size Rampant Rabbit.

This style of Rabbit allows you to adjust vibration speed of the Rabbit appendage, ranging from soft gentle vibrations, to firm swift ones. Most thrusters also include pulsed vibrations, which can both tease and tickle as you become more and more excited. The thrusting shaft features multiple speeds as well, so that you can begin with slow, easy thrusts, and speed it up as you go. I really enjoy the quicker thrust speeds because they complement the quicker pulse settings of the rabbit vibrator very well.

Hands Free

One of the advantages of the full size, thrusting Rampant Rabbit is the ability to go hands free. Once you fully insert the shaft, close your legs around the base, and allow your thighs to hold it in place. This has several very pleasurable advantages.

  • You can stimulate other erogenous zones, such as your nipples, arms, neck, or upper thighs, thus enhancing your orgasm.
  • You can relax your arms, laying back and enjoying the vibrating and thrusting stimulation.
  • You can pay attention to your partner if you are including the Rabbit as part of your intimate time.
  • With your hands free, it is easier to open your labia and adjust the placement of the Rabbit appendage. This is good if you have already had an orgasm and find even the light vibrations to be over-stimulating, allowing you to adjust how directly the Rabbit strikes your clitoris. This is also helpful if you have become too wet, a problem I sometimes have with the thrusting Rabbit, and need to reposition those tantalizing ears.
  • Having your legs closed heightens the pleasure of the thrusting shaft inside you as everything has tightened around it. If you have never been someone who has experienced orgasms with something thrusting inside you, this position will change that, and quickly. I have also found that having my legs together pushes more nerve endings inside of me against the shaft, increasing the intensity of my orgasms.


The Rampant Rabbit is not merely for solo play. As any woman can testify to, we are extremely sensitive after an orgasm, making sexual intercourse even more thrilling. The more intense the orgasm, the more alive every nerve is to sensation and the more enjoyable intercourse is for a woman. What you may not know, however, is the advantage this can have for a man.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy the Rampant Rabbit is as a part of foreplay with my partner. Depending on his mood, he may watch me enjoy myself with the toy, sometimes playing with himself as he watches. Other times, I will lay back and let him use the Rabbit on me, giving me the chance to relax and enjoy sensations that I am not necessarily in control of.

When we are enjoying the Rabbit as foreplay, my partner insists (and I whole-heartedly agree) on at least two orgasms before we have intercourse. Because of the dual stimulations, multiple orgasms are easy to achieve with the Rabbit, each more intense than the one before. Whether he is playing or watching, he keeps alert for cues from me that I am ready for intercourse.

The multiple orgasms leave the sensitive skin of my labia and vagina soft and swelling from the rush. This makes intercourse extremely pleasurable for me, leading to orgasm through intercourse, which is great for intimacy. That softness is also extremely pleasurable around the head and shaft of the penis, providing sensations that your partner normally would not feel during sex.

One thing to consider when using the Rabbit for the first time is your partner, who may worry about intercourse after you play. I have seen the concerns voiced before, and I caution you – be kind and be patient with your lover. While an experienced partner understands that you do not instantly stretch out, even for a wide toy, a new lover or relatively inexperienced one may not understand this. Be reassuring, and then enjoy his surprise when the combination of your still trembling body and softness bring him to orgasm almost immediately.

Kinky Rabbits

If you are into kinky activities, the Rampant Rabbit is an absolute delight. Remember before engaging in any kink activities, talk to your partner about what you want to do, have a safe word or signal, and if using rope, have medical safety shears handy to cut rope quickly, just in case.

For kinky play, have your partner tie you up comfortably. You never want the ropes too tight. I actually prefer simple slip knots that I can pull myself out of easily. Experiment with your partner before play to find a position that will be comfortable for you and allow your partner to have full access to you with the Rabbit. If you have a blindfold or tie, have your partner wrap this around your head so that your eyes are covered as well.

Then, enjoy. Guide your partner so that he can find the most pleasurable angles for you, then delight as he teases you through the different vibration and thrust speeds. Between the release of control from your bondage and the orgasms that your partner will bring you through with the toy, this is a pleasurable and intimate experience for both of you.

Safety Tips for Play

As great as your Rampant Rabbit is, you want to make sure that you can enjoy your toy time, and time again, whether alone or with your partner. To make sure that your Rabbit lasts, and you enjoy it every time, I have a few tips to remember.

  1. Use lubrication. Not every lube is made for Rabbits, so be sure that you pick and use one that is safe for silicone gel and sex toys. While warming and cooling gels designed for intercourse feel nice with a person, I do not recommend them for toys unless the brand specifies they are safe for sex toys and you know how your body responds to the gel after intense orgasms.
  2. Safe sex is important. Even when using toys, be sure to practice safe sex. Do not share toys with non-monogamous partners and remember when needed for protection, use condoms during intercourse.
  3. Separate toys for separate doors. If you are into anal play, make sure that any toy, or in the case of multi-shaft Rabbits, any shaft that goes into the anus does not go into your vagina. Even after you clean, imperfections in the gel may still harbor trace amounts of bacteria. A simple and playful rule: If it goes in the back door, it does not go in the front. For multi-shaft Rabbits, make sure that the two shafts do not touch, and when you store them, keep them wrapped separately once clean.
  4. Clean your toys after use. While antibacterial soap will do in a pinch, I highly recommend purchasing an anti-bacterial cleaner specifically designed for sex toys when you get your Rabbit. These cleaners are designed to kill germs while not harming the delicate gel of your toys. They will keep your toys clean and fresh, so that you can enjoy them time, and time again.
  5. Start slow. If you are trying a toy out for the first time, even if you are an old pro with dildos or anal toys, start slow and get to know your new device. Treat it like a lover. Understand how it will fit into your body and the sensations that you will get from it. Not only will you enjoy your new toy more this way, but you will also avoid the ouches that can sour your experience.

So now that you have some ideas for play, and a few tips to keep it safe and enjoyable, try something new, and enjoy.