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Anal sex, whether you are receiving it as a man or a woman, is wonderful. You have so many nerve clusters outside in and in your anus that the sensations of penetration can be incredible. You may be excited about trying anal sex with your partner, whether being on the giving or receiving end. It is important, however, to remember safety. The anus is not designed for things to go into it, so training and preparation are important if you want to have a pleasurable experience.

I have talked about anal dildos before, and the help they can be in anal training. I want to look at another item, this one a classic in anal training: the Anal Plug. These are versatile tools, with much to offer whether you are looking for a pleasurable addition to vaginal sex, a utility tool for training, or something a little kinkier.

Sexual Pleasures

Anal Plugs make for a wonderful addition to vaginal sex and are versatile enough to be used during foreplay or intercourse – even both if you like. Men and women can enjoy them equally, though each of you will find something uniquely pleasurable about adding an Anal Plug to your intimate encounters.

For her, during foreplay or intercourse, the Doc Johnson Lolli Poppers Anal Vibe is a delight. The narrow, tapered shape of the plug is ideal for anal training for a beginner, with the internal vibrator adding to the pleasure. During foreplay, insert it slowly, allowing your partner to anticipate and experience the pleasures of this little plug. Leave it in during intercourse for heightened pleasure. She will feel tighter and the vibrations will increase stimulation for both of you.

For him, the Rocks off Butt Quiver is a great anal plug. It has the traditional taper design, but with a twist – or rather a curve. It is designed to stimulate the prostate, which is incredibly pleasurable for men. The bullet is inserted at the base and provides stimulations across the plug. You can make this part of your foreplay, providing him a before-intercourse orgasm that will have him begging for more. Leave it in during intercourse to provide your partner additional stimulation while he is inside you.

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Training Time

Training is important if you want to enjoy any kind of anal play, and Anal Plugs are the classic way to train. You have a lot of variety in plugs, so what you get will depend on how you want to train. The key to training with anal plugs is simply do not rush, and be ready to move onto the next step.

For beginners, I recommend a narrow plug so that you can take it into you with minimal pain and tension. The hardest part of beginning anal play is getting past your own ideas of what your anus is like and what it can take. If you are interested in anal play, it is best to either experiment with anal masturbation or begin with a partner that you trust. Whether using the Anal Plug alone or with that partner, you will know that your well-being is a top priority. Then move slowly until your body is accustomed to having something inserted into the anus. Give yourself time to learn the sensations and how best to insert the plug.

The Colt Anal Trainer Kit is a one-stop-shop for anal training. As you become accustomed to the narrow plug, so that taking it in is effortless, you can move up to the next sized plug without having to make another shopping trip. The largest plug is 4 cm wide, so a nice width to train up to. When you transition, begin slowly with the new plug, even if you feel like a pro with the previous size. One of the things I enjoy about this set is how the tapering between sizes is similar, so that when you transition, you only have to train for the new size, not a new shape as well.

Colt also makes an Expandable Butt Plug. This plug is good for him or her, couples or alone. It has a traditional shape and wide base. It also features a pump that allows you to expand from small to large. Simply insert the plug while deflated, and train with it until you are comfortable. When you are ready to change sizes, there is no need to pull out a new plug, or even remove this one. Simply begin pumping until you feel it expand to your next size limit.

The sensation of having something expand inside you is incredible, and is difficult to describe. If you have ever felt a man grow harder while inside you during intercourse, then you have a good idea of the sensation. The expanding plug also provides more versatility for anal training. If you are unsure about making the transition from one plug to another, but want to expand in size, this will help you make size transitions easy, and pleasurable.

The Kink Factor

I cannot talk about Anal Plugs without discussing the kink factor. Anal play is such a taboo subject that many consider anything to do with the ass to be in the realm of kink. However, if for you kink is more than the bedroom, if you are into exploring the psychology and the lifestyle around BDSM, then it is very likely that anal play will be on your list.

Those who explore the BDSM lifestyle often enjoy challenging taboos like anal play. Whether you are a lifestyler, a weekend player, or just want something fun and adventurous to try with your partner, Anal Plugs have a lot to offer you.

If you are new to anal play, it is very likely that you have some fear about it. This is perfectly normal, and it is something that you can conquer. Many people find power exchange to be a way to overcome fear. By submitting to your partner, you place your decision in his or her hands. For those who enjoy this kind of activity, submission can be a way to short circuit the fear response and push oneself to try new things.

I find the Metal Worx Teazer Butt Plug to be scary. This narrow, tapered plug is perfect for insertion, and beginners and veterans alike can enjoy it. What makes it scary is how it looks. It has a slender, metal body with a nob at the end that is perfect for gripping. It is shiny and intimidating, it looks sharp (it is not, with its gently rounded tip), and just looking at it makes me shiver. For anal training or anal play with a submissive, use this to your advantage. Ramp up your submissive’s anxiety by allowing the light to glint off of its metal surface, and then reward him or her with gentle penetration. You can warm or cool the plug in water to add temperature play to your activity as well.

Some Anal Plugs feature tails, like the Colt Ribbed Stallion Tail. These plugs are perfect for role-play, and the plug is ribbed to make insertion and wearing pleasurable. This plug is a great addition to your toy box for pet play or humiliation play. Allow your partner to emulate his or her inner pony, or fulfil his or her humiliation fantasy with the ultimate experience in bondage – a tail and a harness to lead him or her around the house.

Classic Anal Plugs, like the Colt Anal Training Kit, offer a wide base that makes the plug safe to leave in. This is good for anal training, as you become accustomed to having the plug inside you, allowing you to relax to the sensation. To make training kinkier, have your partner wear the plug outside of the bedroom. He or she could wear it to work, out to the store, or on whatever errand he or she needs to run. When choosing a plug for this type of play, make sure that the base is wide enough so that the plug’s base cannot slip up into the anal cavity. Also, make sure that your partner is comfortable standing, walking, and sitting with the plug inside.

Safety and Cleaning

Whatever your mode of play, safety is important, especially in anal play. Before you begin, make sure that you are familiar with the care of your Anal Plug and important tips to keep play safe and pleasurable.

  • Use a sex-toy safe, antibacterial cleaner to keep your Anal Plug fresh and clean. Once dry, store separately from non-anal sex toys.
  • Use plenty of lubricant when inserting a plug into your anus. If you are planning to keep an Anal Plug inside for an extended period, have lubricant handy. On a regular basis, remove the plug, reapply lubricant, and then reinsert it. This will keep the plug lubricated inside you and prevent tearing, which can lead to infection, when you or your partner remove it later.
    • You will need to experiment to see how long you can leave the plug in before having to apply more lubricant. I recommend experimenting the first time at home, testing the resistance to removing it every fifteen minutes. The plug should never pull at the membrane inside your anal cavity, as this can cause tearing. Test until you feel that you need to apply lubrication again, and you will know how long to wait between applications.
  • Make sure that you have a good grip on your toy. Your anal plug should have a base that is wide enough not to slip through your sphincter. Some toys, like the Metal Worx Teazer Butt Plug, have very narrow bases. Avoid lubricating the base, and do not let go of it during play. If a plug accidentally slips in completely, do not panic. Sometimes you can safely remove it yourself. If you cannot, seek medical attention right away.
  • Some anal plugs feature curves designed for prostate or G-spot stimulation. It is important that any plug used anally is not inserted vaginally. Even if you have cleaned it, imperfections can hide bacteria.
  • Communicate with your partner throughout anal play and anal training. Let your partner know what hurts and what feels good. Some pain and discomfort is normal during anal training. Move slowly, watch for warning pain – sharp or burning pain that could indicate the possibility of minor tears, for example. If you finish with anal training, and feel lingering pain, avoid anal sex, as tears can lead to infection.
  • Play safely. Use a condom if sharing toys with non-monogamous partners.

Above all, enjoy your Anal Plugs and the pleasures that they will help you explore.