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Love Eggs

We all have a secret. Some women keep it in the dresser, others in the nightstand. I have a few friends who keep their secret in their purse – just in case the workday gets too stressful.

Me? I just keep the remote in my purse.

I am talking about one of the most playful of sex toys – the Egg. The Love Egg or the Vibrating Egg is a wonderful and versatile little toy with many uses. You can enjoy it alone in your bedroom, sitting at your desk at home fussing over the bills, in the car on the way to a romantic dinner, or as part of foreplay with your partner. Eggs are discrete; many of them are designed to be very quiet.

Crack Open the Egg

Like any sex toy on the market, Love Eggs offer you a huge variety in size, vibration types, functions, materials, colours, and modes of play. I like variety from my toys. A great cook once said, if it does not multitask get rid of it. I could not agree more, so when I look for an Egg; I look for one that offers multiple vibration functions. I prefer Love Eggs that are waterproof, because they offer me more places and opportunities to make use of them. I also make sure that the design of the Egg is one that I am comfortable inserting. Clitoral stimulation is nice, and I have items in my toy chest just for that. Eggs are great because of their versatility, and being able to slip it inside when the urge strikes is nice.

With my must haves out of the way, I have three basic types of Love Eggs that I choose from: the Egg with cord controller, the remote control Egg, and what I like to refer to as the hands-free variety. The cord-controlled Egg has its function controller attached to the safety string, so that everything is together in one convenient design. The cord is long enough that you can play comfortably alone, or with a partner. The remote control Egg has a safety cord attached, so that you can pull it out easily. The controller is a separate device, with ranges that vary by product and price. Most are designed to be used in the close proximity, but with some of them boasting distances up to 10 meters or more, your partner could easily tease you from the other room.

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The hands free Love Egg is one of my favourites because of the challenge. Called the Pressure Egg, this design has its controller on the toy itself. You have your slender silicone bullet and safety cord – and nothing else. Set the mode you want and insert. If you want more intense vibrations from the Egg, you have to work for it. The egg responds to the pressure you place on it, so tighten the pelvic muscles, and the vibrations get stronger. Yes, if you follow that to its logical conclusion, when your muscles begin tightening from your orgasm, the vibrations get more intense.

Eggs Over Easy

The simple design of the Love Egg means that you have many ways to play, especially if you shop for waterproof varieties. All you need is a little imagination, and maybe a little daring. Because the Love Eggs are so discreet, it is easy to explore your exhibitionist curiosities.

Car Talk

Do you remember the last time you had a long road trip with your significant other? Conversation got you through some of the trip, but after a while, you had no choice but to turn to the CD or radio, because you ran out of things to talk about. Clever couples will plan conversations and radio signals to minimize boredom, but who really has time for all of that?

The next time you and your partner have a long trip, take a remote control bullet along for the ride. Insert the bullet before you leave, or at a rest stop, and have him keep the remote somewhere handy. Some varieties include a key ring attachment. If the conversation starts to lag, or he just wants to liven up the trip a little, all he has to do is flip on the switch. If he is feeling playful, he can even test your self-control at the stoplights.

Remember, safety first. Do not let your partner play with controls while driving. Make sure that you set everything for him, so that all he needs to do is push the button. If you are going to drive, take the Egg out. Distractions are dangerous on the road. If you think you might be too much of a distraction, reserve the play for times when you will not actually be on the road – as a sexy interlude at a rest stop, for example. Such interludes are a discreet way to test your exhibitionist tendencies without getting into trouble.

Love with Love Eggs

Love Eggs offer plenty of opportunities to enhance intimacy with a partner. The small, compact size makes the Egg ideal for clitoral stimulation during sex. Insert a remote controlled Egg during intercourse to enhance sensations for both of you. Using the remote control Egg means that the controller is out of the way of intimacy, but within easy reach of either of you for pleasure and play.

Foreplay with a partner is vital for satisfying sex. Not only does it ready me for intercourse, having my partner bring me to orgasm helps to build and strengthen intimacy. Because the Love Egg can produce intense orgasms, it only enhances foreplay with a partner. You can give complete control of the Egg to your partner, allowing him to play and adjust the vibration speeds, or you can join him in in your pleasure. This is best with a remote control, having him control its placement, stimulating your clitoris and moving it inside you. Meanwhile, you hold the remote, controlling the vibration speed and intensity.

Warm Massage

Waterproof Love Eggs are exactly as they state – waterproof. Take it into your bath, with scented candles for relaxation and mood. Run the warm water and add some soothing salts or your favourite bubble bath. Then lie back and pleasure yourself with your Egg. I enjoy my Pressure Egg in the bath, since it is waterproof. I can combine relaxation with a pelvic workout and, when I am rewarded with the very intense orgasm, the warm water is both sensual and soothing.

Training Time

We live in a world that is slowly becoming kinkier, and yes, I have kinky uses for the Love Egg. If you enjoy a little power exchange with your partner – giving your partner control in bed, or letting him command you – then the two of you have probably considered, or even tried, orgasm control. This is a very challenging discipline where the dominant partner trains the submissive partner to come on command. When achieved, it is erotic, but getting there is difficult.

One technique you can use for this discipline, a technique that is fun and kinky all its own, is called Edging. Here, you bring your partner to the brink of orgasm, and then slowly bring her back down, so that she does not actually achieve that bliss. Edging is exciting and leads to incredibly intense orgasms. If you are practicing orgasm control, it can also help you create that link between command and come.

This is where the Love Egg comes in. I recommend trying this with the remote control Egg, so that you can perform this activity not only in the bedroom, but also anywhere in the house. Insert the Egg inside your woman, or if she is sitting, place it along her labia so that both it and her clitoris are stimulated. Once the Love Egg is set, use the controller to provide her pleasure until she is close to orgasm, then gently reduce the vibrations and bring her back down from the edge. Repeat until she is begging to come, and when you are ready, bring her to orgasm with your gentle command of choice. The Edge play will intensify her orgasm while combining your command will help her create the mental triggers needed for orgasm control.

Cleaning and Safety Tips

Just with any sex toy, you want to play carefully and responsibly. I have a few tips to help ensure that you always enjoy your Love Eggs.

  • Keep it clean. After each use, be sure to clean your Love Egg thoroughly so that it stays pristine for you. I highly recommend using a gentle antibacterial cleaner designed for sex toys, so that you do not damage delicate silicone.
  • Mind your lubricants. If you use a lubricant for your Love Egg, be sure that you use one designed for use with sex toys, and one that is safe for foreplay and intercourse. Your specific Egg will tell you which lubricants are safe for it, so be sure that if you do not already have it to purchase the necessary lubricant when you buy your Egg.
  • Can Love Eggs be used for anal play? The simple answer is maybe. If you want an Egg for anal insertion, only use one designed specifically for that. The cord has to be designed to not break away from the Egg in case you need to use it for retrieval and the design should be safe for anal insertion. If you do not want the Egg for insertion, you can use any Love Egg for anal teasing, vibrating along the outside, where it can excite the tight nerve clusters. You can use this to help prepare for other types of anal devices, such as plugs or anal beads.

A very important reminder: what plays at the back door does not play at the front. Even if you are not using an Egg that is safe for anal insertion, it will still be exposed to bacteria that can remain in small amounts in imperfections in the Egg after cleaning. To ensure that you do not have to worry about worrisome and unpleasant infections, if you have an Egg for anal teasing, do not use it for vaginal or clitoral stimulation (or breast, or anywhere else, for that matter).

As with all toys, enjoy your Love Egg.