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Games People Lay

We have all heard this at some time in our lives, from our mothers, from our best friends, from a lovesick about-to-be-former significant other – Do not play games with people’s hearts. Of course, this is not necessarily universally true. I found out very quickly, people enjoy some games. We like a girl who plays hard to get. A man who keeps his feelings close to him, so that we have to find clever ways to peel him back, fascinates us.

We enjoy games that are playful, or games that make us use our own resources to learn something. The girl who plays hard to get wants to see what a man will do to prove he is worth her time. Whether that man realizes it or not, he enjoys that game because he’s pursuing a woman who knows her worth. The man who keeps his feelings hidden is attractive because he makes us think. “I love you” and batting eyelashes are not enough to get under his skin.

Not all the little games that we play in order to snag our man or woman have to end when we have the commitment or the ring. The desires that drove us to want to play games, to prove something, to have a challenge, are desires that we can carry with us into the bedroom. If we channel them right, those desires will add a spark that will keep passion flowing long after you have discovered every way your lover likes to be touched.

Game Time

Sexy games for couples have become almost as varied as sex toys to please your body. Whatever your interest or kink, a game is out there for you. Just as your rabbit, cock ring, and egg all serve a different purpose, these sex games each have something unique to offer to you and your partner.

Roll the Dice

One of the first games I played with a partner involved Romance Dice, or Love dice. These two square items can give you hours of play and exploration. If you decide to play with them, however, make sure that you are adventurous. You have no problem with your partner’s hands at your breasts. Her lips on your penis are very nice. What is going to happen when you see the first die land on Ass?

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Fortunately, dice come in a wide variety. If you have a special occasion coming up, massage dice will guarantee that your partner has a pleasurable time as you explore every part of her body. If you are feeling a little naughty, but not very taboo, the more innocent of the sex dice do not include the riskier body parts. Instead, they leave it up to you with a playful “?”. Only the hottest of the dice will test you and try to get you to push the envelope of your limits.

Whatever your mode of dice, they are a wonderful tool for foreplay, especially if they are glow in the dark. If you have the house to yourself, however, you can use them to spice up your whole day. I like to keep a set of dice in each of the major rooms of my house. Either my partner or I will grab the dice and roll. Our rule for this is simple. We have five minutes of play, based on whatever we roll. It becomes a terrible tease, and depending on the roll, we may only have a minute or two to do the deed. By the end of the evening, however, all of that desire and frustration has built up to a powerful and intimate night of lovemaking.


As You Wish

I have two coupon books – one for romance, and one for sex – and a simple rule about how I can use them. If I want to cash in a romantic coupon, I have to follow it up with a sex coupon that night. When my partner told me that, I wrinkled my nose, unhappy about the restriction. A week later, I decided to use my coupon. My morning started badly, and needed some affection, so I decided to cash in my kisses coupon – 100 of them.

Only my partner did not sit there and deliver a hundred kisses on the spot. Instead, he kissed me once. He did not mention the other coupon book, and I thought that maybe he had forgotten about his caveat. Later, he gave me four more kisses and announced his count: 5. He continued this throughout the rest of the day, keeping track of the number of kisses each time: 10, 25, 35. By dinnertime, I was thumbing through my sex coupon book and trying to decide what position he would enjoy the most. Better than getting a bunch of kisses during foreplay, my partner showed me in a very simple way that he was thinking about me the entire day.

Never be Board Again

I love board games, but sometimes they can be dangerous. When was the last time you got through a game of Monopoly without an argument breaking out? Do not get me started on Scrabble.

Do not play word games with an English Major.

Fortunately, I have found a way to channel my love of board games into my sex life, in a way that does not have my partner banned to the couch. If I want to get the mood started, or have a bawdy time with close friends, I enjoy the Game for Sex. If I am looking for a more intimate challenge, I pull out Endless Nights of Amazing Sex. Depending on our mood, my partner and I will sometimes do things to help the other win.

When You Think About It

So why do we love sex games so much? I am not just talking about the proliferation of games like The Sex Game and Bound for Love, or the myriad of other card games and board games out there. Even before we thought to walk into an adult store and purchase the board game with no pictures on the box, we were playing games with our partners. How many times have you pulled away at the last minute from a kiss, with a grin to your partner and a request? How many times does foreplay begin not with a kiss, but a slap on the ass and a chase from the kitchen to the bedroom?

We love games.

Sex games give us new avenues to explore intimacy, limits, and desires. When we play the game of pulling away from a kiss, we are laying out a demand, no matter how small. We are setting up an expectation, and with that reinforcing the idea that we are something more than a body there for pleasure. When we slap our partner on the ass and run, we are showing our playful side and daring boundaries just a little. That can be a good thing, when done carefully and respectfully. When we accept the chase from our partner and run, we acknowledge that our partner still has a claim to his or her body, no matter how many times we have gotten to explore it.

Games provide us structure. Bound for Love offers new and experienced lovers of kink ways to explore bondage and sex. Naughty trivia games test our knowledge and help our partners to understand our sexual make up on a mental level. They also give our partners a glimpse into the inner life of our sexual fantasies. Dice games can be risky, and we have to choose them based on our limits. Once we have them, they give us impetus to try new things, things we might not dare to experiment with on our own. Even the simplest of games, like Romance Coupons, add something. For my partner, they are a way for him to know when to focus just on me, and how I want that attention shown. For me, the Sex Coupons are a way to not only think about how I want to have sex one night, but how my partner will respond to the position and activity that I select.

Many sexy games are out there, waiting for you to crack them open and play. Why not pick one out with someone special and see what fates the dice roll for you.