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Beaded Pleasures

If you want anal play to be a pleasurable experience for you and your partner, then training is important. I have talked about Anal Dildos and Anal Plugs for training. I wanted to turn now to a third training tool for your sex toy arsenal: Anal Beads. Whether used for training, or as part of your foreplay exploration, Anal Beads offer unique challenges and experiences.

Training Tools

Anal Beads are wonderful training tools. They are flexible and available in a wide variety so that you can find ones that are perfect for you.

The Anal Fantasy Beginner’s Bead Kit is nice, as it offers you multiple bead widths and lengths, all in one package. The smallest and shortest set of beads are perfect for beginners, while the long, large beads help to train more advanced anal players. It is a simple kit designed to help get you ready for deeper anal penetration.

If you want a bead string that will carry you through your training, the Loving Joy Anal Love Beads are a good choice as well. These beads start out very small, and gradually become larger. This is a good way to train for penetration and size at the same time, as you take more and more of the bead string. The ring at the end makes it easy for you or your partner to hold onto, and you can even hold a vibrating bullet in your grasp to add additional sensation to your training.

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You can train with Anal Beads alone or with a partner. Because they are compact, you can take them with you travelling or keep them at home in your toy chest. If you are training with a partner, use the Anal Beads during foreplay. The best way to prepare your partner for anal training is to bring him or her through at least one orgasm. This helps to put the receiving partner into a relaxed state, which makes insertion of the beads easier. Insert the beads slowly until your partner indicates that the depth or width of the beads is enough. If you are preparing to transition to the next size bead, help your partner relax and provide stimulation to help him or her to be ready. Then slowly push in the next bead.

Pulling out the beads is extremely pleasurable. When you pull out the beads, you want to do so in one steady motion. I recommend beginning slow, with a basic 1 – 2 – 3 count for each bead. As you train, you can speed up the pull. If you are using beads on a loose string, such as the ones available in the Beginner’s Bead Kit, be careful that you do not pull too fast, as you do not want the string to snag as it comes out.

For the Pleasure

As helpful as Anal Beads are to training, their usefulness does not end there. Once your partner is trained, do not think that you need to just discard your beads, for forget about them as part of your play altogether.

The Loving Joy Triple Ripple Anal Beads blur the lines between training and pleasure. They are a little too large for a beginner, but are a great toy for an intermediate, or just for any time you want good anal play. The ring makes it easy to insert and remove the cord of beads. The tapered design of the first bead makes insertion comfortable, and the curved design makes it perfect for pleasing him with some prostate stimulation. Hold a vibrating bullet in your hand as you hold the ring, and you have a beautiful orgasm in your hands.

I am always one for keeping the back door and front door separated when it comes to sex toys, however Doc Johnson does have one exception I will gladly make to that rule. The Mood Kinky Bunny offers something that few toys can deliver – anal and clitoral stimulation. The beads are good for training or play, and toy definitely blurs the line between the two. Insert the beads one at a time and bring the bending shaft up so that the rabbit ears stimulate your clitoris. The vibrations will be felt up the bead shaft as well, providing you incredible stimulation and a wonderful orgasm. I recommend placing a soft cloth, something easy to clean but sensual on the skin – a very soft cotton or sateen for example – over your vaginal opening and labia, leaving your clitoris uncovered to the rabbit ears. This way, if the bead shaft pulls out, it is not pulling across your vagina and possibly causing problems later.

Anal Beads are a nice addition for him or her during intercourse – both if you prefer. During foreplay insert the beads and leave them in place. For either of you, the sensation of having the beads inside you during intercourse will be even more stimulating. What really makes this incredible, however, is when your orgasm comes on. If you are both very disciplined, you can each pull out your own beads. I find that I enjoy this more if my partner is pulling out my beads as I come. It is the pleasure mixed with not being in control of the beads’ removal.

If both of you are wearing beads for intercourse, make sure that she comes first. As she does, pull her beads out in a steady motion. How quickly depends on her. When he comes, pull his beads out for him. Very likely, because of the flexing and trembling of her body, his orgasm will not be far behind. For both partners, the sensation of the beads pulling out of the body is incredible, and when felt while coming, it shoots even the smallest orgasm up to mind-blowing heights.

Care and Safety

Anal Beads offer so many ways to play. Whether you want to train up for anal sex or just enjoy something playful and, by its nature, kinky, by adding these to your arsenal, you can really enhance your sex life. As with any toy, however, you need to have a mind to cleanliness and safety.

  • Always clean your Anal Beads with a sex-toy safe, antibacterial cleanser. Store them dry and apart from non-anal sex toys.
  • Do not share your Anal Beads with a non-monogamous partner. You can use condoms with most sex toys that are designed for insertion, with the exception of Anal Beads. Their design and purpose simply negate the ability to use condoms. Because of that, when it comes to Anal Beads, sharing is not caring unless you are monogamous.
  • You may be tempted to use some types of Anal Beads vaginally. This is fine, provided that is the only place you insert the beads. If you decide that you want a set of stringed Anal Beads for vaginal play, get a set specifically for that. Remember, for your safety and health, what goes in the back door does not go in the front. Even cleaning with antibacterial cleansers is not enough, as imperfections can still harbour trace amounts of bacteria.
  • Use lubrication that is safe for your specific Anal Beads. Different materials will have different lubricants that can be used, so make sure that you have plenty on hand, and apply it liberally.
  • Communicate with your partner. As you train, make sure that your partner is fully aware of how everything feels and if you experience pain or discomfort. If you need your partner to stop, tell him or her to stop. Be aware of what is happening to your body so that you can communicate what went wrong to your partner. By being open with each other as you play, you will both enjoy your experience.
  • Move slowly, especially when you are training. You can expect some pain or discomfort, but if the pain is sharp or if it does not “feel right,” do not hesitate to call a stop.

Above all, enjoy your Anal Beads, and the play that will follow.